Overland Adventure Trucks South America

The majority of our vehicles are Scania 93 series 4x2 trucks of between 220 and 280 horsepower. They are custom built trucks made to handle and deal with the terrain and climates we encounter along the way on our trips. In South America our vehicles regularly visit either dedicated Scania dealership workshops or locally owned well established heavy vehicle workshops that we have dealt with for many years for extensive servicing that is overseen by our drivers.

In South America our trucks have glass windows which slide open due to the cooler temperatures we sometimes experience in the Andes and Patagonia. Trucks seat between 20 and 24 travellers.

The diagram below provides a general idea of the layout of an Oasis Overland Adventure vehicle in South America.

South American Overland truck layout
Layouts may differ between vehicles

Key Features of Oasis Expedition Vehicles

All trucks are equipped with:

  • A mixture of 23 or 24 inward, forward and rear facing coach seats with head rests, providing more storage space for your souvenirs and luggage, as well as extra leg room to stretch out on the longer journeys (thus avoiding the typical 'bus' type layout of all forward facing seats with narrow aisles and cramped leg room with less storage).
  • Under-seat storage for your backpack so you have easy access - even when driving
  • A mixture of sliding and fixed windows, providing extensive all round viewing
  • All trucks are equipped with sand mats and where necessary, tyre chains
  • 12V in-car charging points
  • A comprehensive range of spare parts and tools
  • Large dried and fresh food storage capacities
  • Onboard truck safe for valuables and money
  • Overhead lockers for cameras & daybags
  • Stereo with MP3 & iPod adaptor
  • Large water carrying capacity
  • Internal truck buzzer system - to communicate with crew
  • Internal & external lighting
  • Insulated for your comfort
  • Long range fuel tanks
  • Fitted Seatbelts

Equipment & Accessories carried:

  • Spacious two-person Dome tents with in-built ground sheets and mosquito netting
  • Cooler boxes (for storage of fresh food and drink)
  • Professionally compiled expedition medical kit
  • A comprehensive range of spare parts and tools
  • All-weather awnings (for cooking and shade)
  • All cooking and cutlery equipment
  • Well stocked on-board library
  • Gas cooker & fire grate
  • Campstools
South American overland truck camping on beach
South American overland truck and cook group
South American Overland truck driving through a tunnel
Inside a South American Overland truck


SANTIAGO to BUENOS AIRES (31 days) Patagonian Adventures
Travel Style
Overland Adventure
Operating Months
Jan, Dec
QUITO to RIO (105 days) Kingdoms & Carnivals
Travel Style
Overland Adventure
Operating Months
Oct, Nov
SANTIAGO to QUITO (57 days) Andes & Amazon
Travel Style
Overland Adventure
Operating Months
Apr, May