General FAQs

General FAQs

If you are wishing to find information for a particular trip regarding visas required, which hotel the trip starts from, how many passport pages you will need, recommended vaccinations, what’s included, what optional excursions are available whilst on your trip, what to pack, along with detailed itinerary, visit the trip page on our website or download the pre-departure information.

About Our Trips

What are the groups like on your Trips?

It's not age that matters but your attitude! Generally, our groups are made up of adventurous people mainly British, European, Canadian, Australian and New Zealanders with ages ranging from their 20s right up to their 70s. On our longer trips we have gap year students, people taking a career break between jobs, as well as people enjoying their retirement. As long as you have the right attitude, are relatively fit and mobile, enjoy being part of a group and are willing to pitch in work as part of a team to make the trip run well, then you'll fit in fine.
Many people book their trips either with friends or partners, but about half join our trips as individual travellers. We do not charge SINGLE SUPPLEMENT FEES on our overland trips, so if you are travelling solo, we will pair you up with a tent buddy of the same sex when we camp and the same goes for twin or shared rooms in hostels or hotels, so there is no need to go it alone! Single supplements may be required on some small group trips, check the details on the trip page for more information. 

Pre-trip accommodation, transfers & pre-departure meeting

Can I book a hotel and airport transfers in the departure city and how?

We can book your pre-trip accommodation and airport transfers in many departure cities, but not all. The pre-departure information for a particular trip will give you the information that you require for the campsite/hotel we start the trip from. You can request accommodation/airport transfers through us if it is available to book, or you can contact the office with your arrival details and accommodation request. This should be done at least 6 weeks before the trip departure date and is subject to availability. The cities that we cannot book, you can do so directly with the hotel/campsite, details can be found in the trip pre-departure information.

What to take on our Trips

What type of luggage should I bring?

For Truck trips, we suggest you bring your main luggage in a conventional backpack/hold-all is recommended for your belongings from 70 to 90 litres maximum, we also recommend you have a 15-20 litre day pack to carry your daily essentials. 'Hard' luggage is really not a good idea on our trucks, and may well not fit in your locker.

On our Small Group Adventures some people bring a suitcase instead of a backpack. It's not ideal by any means, given the rough terrain in some areas, but you can get by with it if necessary. Please note there is no room on our trucks for extra storage, so please leave surfboards, bicycles, etc at home!


Where is the best place to get medical advice before travelling?

The NHS has a very useful Fit4Travel website which contains a lot of good information on health issues related to travelling, including information on suggested vaccinations, malaria maps etc.
It can also be helpful contact your local medical centre or a travel clinic near you for specific advice on your destinations. You can also visit the Nomad Travel Clinic where Oasis travellers receive a 10% discount on all medication, vaccinations and anti-malarials.


Do we sell flights?

No, we do not. Flight prices can be greatly affected by factors such as where you are in the world, what time of year you are flying, your route, and your age. It is easy to find prices for flights online, through various search engines such as and direct with airline websites.

'On the road' information

How often will I need to cook?

There is no cooking required on our Small Group, Family & Mini Adventures.

On our Overland Adventures and Ultimate Expeditions, you will be expected to share the cooking duties amongst the group on the truck - everything from shopping in a local market, to chopping and washing food and the actual cooking itself. You will be part of a cook group, usually around 3 people and have a day when your group are responsible for the cooking for the group. Usually it works out about once a week, but this will vary according to the number of people on your trip.

How easy is it to put up your Oasis Overland tent?

Take a look at how quick you and your tent buddy can put up your tent whilst on your Overland Adventure with Oasis.