Travel in times of covid

Travel in times of Covid - what to expect

This document is to help you understand what to expect on an Oasis Overland trip in East and Southern Africa during the Coronavirus Pandemic. We hope that this will answer any questions you may have, but as ever if you are unsure about anything then please feel free to get in touch at or call us on +44 (0)203 725 8924.

Oasis trips have been running for over 20 years and have always put your health and safety as the first priority. We have gained much experience over these years of being able to adapt, even in times of pandemics!  The most important thing to us is that you know what to expect on a trip during these times, as of course some changes have to be made…

Booking Questions

For any questions regarding bookings and payments please contact us.


Will I need to quarantine ahead of the trip?

No! You will need to monitor your health and let us know if you have any symptoms. You may need to be fully vaccinated against Covid-19 or to take a PCR test to enter the relevant country for your trip.

What to Expect on Trip

Will the route be the same?
With overlanding we have always had the advantage of if for any reason we are not able to travel somewhere, then we can adapt our routes to go different ways while trying to make the impact as minimal as possible to your trip.

If a country on your trip closes its land borders then we will aim to divert our trip via a different route. So, while you may not get to see all the countries as advertised on the trip via our website, if our trip is able to continue as usual then it will! As it currently stands East and Southern Africa have slowly been opening up its borders to tourism again, with Rwanda and Zimbabwe the latest to re-open and remove quarantine requirements. We are getting notifications daily and monitoring this situation constantly, and are often getting information from our local partners and operators out on the ground ahead of FCDO advice. 

So, in short please be prepared to be flexible, as we will have every intention of running your trip as advertised but if it is not possible then we will have to make changes, and this can happen while you are out on the road. To us overlanders, we find this exciting, as it takes us back to what overlanding used to be and we will always find new places and things to do and see.
Our requirements and procedures will be constantly reviewed, and amended when necessary, and we will update you of these before your trip departure.

We hope that the above has been helpful and answered some of the questions you may have. We realise the above may not appeal to everyone, which is why we want to be as upfront with you as we can about a trip that will be travelling during this Pandemic. So, if you don’t think you would be happy with the above, then we would suggest waiting a bit longer until things have settled down more, and you feel comfortable travelling again. Travelling during these times may not be for everyone, but for those of you who are wishing to escape and satisfy your travelling itchy feet, and the above hasn’t put you off – then we can’t wait to see you out on the road and back out on one of our custom-built yellow trucks.

Please note this information goes alongside our essential information which can be found on every trip page of our website, which helps you prepare for a trip, from visas, what to pack, budgeting and so much more!

The Team @ Oasis!