Coronavirus Update

Coronavirus Update - March 2023

As the Coronavirus/Covid19 outbreak recedes, we would like to sincerely thank our clients, crew and local operators who have been so supportive and understanding during this incredibly difficult time.

The pandemic had a huge impact on lives around the world, and on our own travel industry. All our trips were completely stopped for over 18 months, but thankfully as restrictions have gradually eased, we were able to gradually re-start running trips again, region by region. 

While most countries are easy to visit now and have re-opened again fully, that is not the case everywhere. PCR tests are rarely needed now to enter a country, but some destinations do require proof of vacinnation against Covid-19 as part of their entry requirements. It is generally simplest to assume that you need to be fully vaccinated to travel on our trips. If full vaccination is not required, there will normally be extra costs for additional testing and paperwork required. If you are not fully vaccinated (including any boosters which have been offered), please contact us before finalising any onward travel arrangements so that we can advise you of any countries you may not be able to enter and potentially need to fly over. 
On our Overland trips we will be creating our own 'mini-bubble' on board the truck and again being extra careful with hygiene and infection control.
You should have travel insurance in place that will cover the cost of any medical treatment required, including due to Covid-19, and the cost of quarantine accommodation should that be required.
Should you fall sick with Covid-19 during a trip and need medical attention, our tour leaders will assist with this, but the truck will then need to continue on its way. You may make your own arrangements to re-join the trip after you have tested negative and completed any quarantine period required by the local authorities. 
For more information, also have a look at our 'Travel in Times of Covid' information so you can be sure of what to expect on your trip.
In the meantime, please stay safe and well and we look forward to seeing you on the road soon.